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Thank you for requesting information about Bio Pac, Inc. In 1990, while working at a recycling center, I had the idea to refill containers rather than try to recycle them. After much research and design, the first bulk cleaning product stand was placed in the Spring of 1991 and, much to my delight, the products did very well. I began to market the concept to natural food stores all around the country with hundreds of stores selling Bio Pac cleaning products in bulk. In October of 1995, Earthwise, (founded by Mo Siegel and later sold to Block Drug in 1993), decided to discontinue their cleaning product line. Because their products sold very well, Bio Pac came out with replacements under the Bio Pac name. They did not buy the Earthwise line and their formulas are different. They are very pleased to offer these products as they are packaged in recycled bottles and are excellent performers. In June of 1996, Bio Pac acquired Oasis, a line of biocompatible cleaning products. Biocompatible means the washwater (greywater) from Oasis products can be used to safely water plants. Oasis is the next step beyond biodegradability and they are very excited about the line.