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    The Herbal Water story begins in the spring of 2005, in the garden of Dr. Ayala. A passionate cook, trained pediatrician, talented artist and lifelong vegetarian, Dr. Ayala has spent years exploring healthy, tasty ways to feed children and adults. Seeking an alternative to sugar-laden and artificially flavored beverages, Dr. Ayala created her own blends of herb infused waters that magically satisfy thirst and restore the spirit. Among her family and friends, Dr. Ayalas herbal waters became famous for their uniquely refreshing tastes and aromas. Full of flavor yet free of calories, artificial sweeteners and artificial chemicals, these naturally fragrant beverages evoke happy feelings, like a breeze in a sunny garden. The growing demand for these tasty herbal waters led Dr. Ayala and her husband Albert to bring Ayalas Herbal Water to everyone. Ayalas Herbal Water is the first nationally available organically certified enhanced flavored water made with all organic ingredients. Each Herbal Water blend is all-natural and sets a new standard for healthy beverages: zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, and zero chemical preservatives. Their water comes from an Artesian Well in Virginia. Nothing but great taste from pure water, infused with the finest natural herbs from around the world, kept fresh in a beautiful bottle for your enjoyment.