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    All praises are due to Mom Arora when it comes to Arora Creations Authentic Indian Spice Blends. Their story begins during my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Many of my friends were becoming more disciplined and conscious about their diets. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine was becoming more mainstream, and their city had an incredible presence of natural foods stores, not to mention the legendary Zingermans. At first I was a bit amused watching my friends attempt to prepare great-tasting vegetarian/vegan natural and organic dishes. The ingredients were always fresh and healthy, but the final dishes seemed to lack that one more bite edge. My mothers amazing variety of North Indian dishes always came to mind while watching my friends commendable culinary efforts. I remembered watching her cook these authentic Indian dishes, opening her secret drawer next to the stove and flinging a variety of exotic Indian spices into my familys meals. I decided to give my mother a call. I had no idea of the life transformation that I was about to undergo. Mom, could you make me some Indian spice blends and send recipes along with them? The boys are lacking serious flavor in this house, and I think they need to continue Columbuss voyage by providing this city with some real Indian spices. The change had begun, and my first attempt to recreate her authentic Indian dishes was a huge hit. They prepared the Indian cuisine on holidays, for late-night feasts, and at dinner parties with their professors. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would return home from class to chopped tomatoes, onions, ginger, and cauliflower -- all prepared by my friends who eagerly awaited the next opportunity to indulge in authentic Indian cuisine. All I had to do was fire up the wok, follow Moms step-by-step recipes, and add the secret dust.