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    The Andean Dream owners are Ingrid Hirstin Lazcano, a Los Angeles business woman and her husband Fernando Lazcano Dunn, a former Bolivian career diplomat. After working on a public relations campaign with a research scientist who taught Ingrid about the benefits of quinoa first hand, this sprouted the idea to develop a cookie made with quinoa that would help give this valuable grain the recognition it deserves. Ingrid and Fernando wanted people to experience the great nutritional benefits of this wonderful grain in a healthy alternative snack. In 2006 Ingrids mission led her to the country of Bolivia, where some of the best quinoa in the world is grown. There the soil and climate create the perfect environment for the Royal Quinoa, considered the finest in the world because of its high protein content. While in Bolivia, Ingrid teamed with La Francesa, a company with three generations of experience manufacturing cookies. It was also at this time that Andean Dream and La Francesa decided to form an association with Andean Valley S.A., one of the largest exporters of organic Royal Quinoa. Together the three companies started a project to increase awareness of the Royal Quinoa and to promote growth of this industry. Their goal was to help improve the lives of the poor indigenous farmers who have been producing the quinoa for generations.