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    Ambrosial Granola is dedicated to creating top-shelf gourmet granola cereals whose ingredients, taste and nourishment stand out on the store shelf. The company has its roots in Brooklyn in the year 2000, where Anastasia Makoulis, a Greek mother of two, took her culinary sensibilities and a passion for wholesome food, and melded them into what would be Ambrosials first products. Armed with her husband and a minivan, Anastasia embarked on the slow process of opening accounts throughout New York City. In 2006, many retailers and minivan-miles later, Ambrosial had saturated the New York market. As a result, Anastasia decided to expand outside of her local market and take the Ambrosial brand global. Their company is proud to be one of the few granolas and mueslis that can boast that it is made with 100% organic certified whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. They hope that their product will give you a taste of the good life!