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    In 1893, well over a century now, the Soojian families great uncle Jacob established their first Armenian bakery in the United States at Lowell, Massachusetts, producing baked foods of the Middle East, Peda bread, Dernackly bread, Arabic bread (Pita) and Armenian Cracker Bread, for the new Armenian immigrants who were coming to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Some ten to fifteen years later his son Paul and nephews Michael and Sarkis joined him. In 1936 the family re-settled in California. The company was renamed ak-mak Bakeries in 1954. However, they still use the name Ararat Bakeries as a division name. Michael continued with the business until he retired in 1951. His three sons took over the bakery operation. During the forties and early fifties, they decided to concentrate on developing the big fifteen inch round cracker bread for the general public in the United States. Three generations after their inception in the United States, ak-mak continues to be very interested in healthy eating. They have been producing healthier products since 1952, beginning with the ak-mak whole wheat sesame cracker followed by other health conscious products in subsequent years. Four generations of the Soojian family have been pioneers in introducing these baked foods, from the vicinity of the Famous lands in and around Mt. Ararat, and serving the American market using only the purest, highest grade of quality ingredients. At ak-mak Bakeries they have been advocating and supporting organic farming and lifestyles for better than 60 years. As the organic revolution continues to expand, they continue to look for suppliers/farmers who are premier producers with sustainability. It is their desire to provide the highest quality affordable product available to the health conscious consumer. To that end they are often asked about promotions or coupons. To insure that their customers get the best value possible, they prefer to sustain the lowest pricing possible continuously. Promotions cost a considerable amount of money and resources to implement, and then additional costs to administer. This philosophy also aids in another area they feel strongly about and that is to not abuse the environment through the unnecessary use of printed materials such as coupons, advertisements, mailings, etc.