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    Wawel SA (joint stock company) is one of the oldest confectionery plants in Poland. They take pride in their traditions that go back to the end of the 19th century. In 1898 Adam Piasecki founded a confectionery company in Cracow. A few years later, in 1910, by then a recognized confectioner, he launched a chocolate factory. Piaseckis goods became a synonym of excellent taste and high quality. In the 20s competitors to Adam Piasecki appeared in Cracow. Sweet manufacturers renowned throughout Europe opened branches in Cracow: in 1922 a the Pischinger Factory of Chocolate Goods was built and in 1925 the Suchard Chocolate Factory. After II World War three competitive plants merged into one company and as a result, in 1951, the Wawel Confectionery Plant came into existence. Soon afterwards Wawel became one of the greatest producers of sweets in Poland. In 1992 the state owned company was privatised. A turning point for Wawel was the conversion of the company into a public company. In September 1997 the Securities and Stock Exchange Committee admitted the companys stocks to the public stock market. The stocks were publicly subscribed at the turn of November and December. The shares of ZPC Wawel SA were launched on the official market of Warsaws Stock Exchange on 11th of March 1998. In 2005 the company changed its name into Wawel SA. In 2006 Wawel completed the construction of its highly advanced factory located in Dobczyce and the production process was moved there from Cracow. This factory is located on a green-field investment on a 6 ha plot, its factory surface is about 24 000 m2.