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    The Delecta brands roots are dated back to 1816, when the Company known under the name of its founder - The Bohms Company, made first moves into groceries branch. Throughout the years, the Company passed a number of modernizations and changes to become today a really strong, privatised firm, ready to face free market challenges. The Company in 1996 was taken over by Norwegian concern Rieber and Son, which dates back to 1839. Their Company is one of the biggest and best known producers of food in Poland. New products with traditional high quality, the newest production technologies and market strategy based upon latest methods of marketing research give in return that the Delecta brand is well known and good positioned on competitive Polish desserts and concentrated foods market. Their main production includes desserts (puddings, water-based puddings, jellies, creams), cakes in powder, cake additives and ingredients (icings, vanilla and flavoured sugar, baking powder, citric acid, liquid aromas), soup concentrates, vegetable-meat preserves, ready sauces, cereal coffee, salty and flavoured sticks and ready made cakes. Delectas products gain recognition in Poland, Western Europe (mainly United Kingdom and Ireland) and Polish Diaspora in America, and Australia. Consumers of Delecta products praise convenience, guarantee of taste and quality, and quickness of preparation.