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    Herbapol Lublin S.A. is the leader on the Polish herbal market. The 50-year existence of the company has resulted in, for example, the fact that Herbapols brand is recognized by and has a positive appeal of 92% of Poles! Their strong position is due to constant development, modernization of production units, enlarging of the products. offer and maintaining the highest possible product quality according to the principles of GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice. Their trade offer includes not only grocery products, but also pharmaceutical ones: from herbal-fruit combination teas and grocery syrups, through homogenous herbs, herbal mixes, tablets, granulates, syrups to pharmaceutical syrups. The offer has been constantly enlarged, improved and adjusted to market expectations and consumer preferences. All their products are produced from natural plant materials. They are not composed of either non-organic preservatives or synthetic colouring dyes. Their taste and health qualities make these products present in nearly every household. Not only pharmacists but also doctors appreciate their natural origin, high quality and effectiveness. By using the brands strength they create an image of the innovative and modern company, promoting a healthy life-style and, which at the same time, does not resign from its tradition. They aim at achieving the status of a good employer and trade partner-their companys culture is orientated towards satisfying results according to the fair play principles. In 2001 they started a process of image changes, including a new logo and the classification of product lines. Their products received a new graphic design. All products are offered under the brand HERBAPOL - THE ESSENCE OF NATURE Numerous awards confirm the respect for the companys achievements, including: POLAGRA Golden Medal, Silver Ace, Golden Ace and Amber Ace, DOBRE BO POLSKIE (Good Because Polish) and The Most Interesting Food Product of the Year. In 2002 they were awarded the Cup of the Ministry of Economy for their achievements in promoting Polish economics. They are also proud of their title of a Brand Company given by the Academy of Brands, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and the National Chamber of Commerce. The Management Board of Herbapol Lublin S.A.