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    Fruktus company was established in 1988 by two brothers: Stanisław and Zbigniew Kowalczyk. Its seat office is located in Wąsocz Dolny, 30 km north from Częstochowa, in the direction of Działoszyn. The company employs 200 people permanently whereas during summer holidays it offers additional seasonal vacancies. Fruktus specializes in the production of mayonnaise as well as fruit and vegetable preserves made mainly from Polish raw materials provided by local farmers. Thanks to regular inspection of raw materials and manufacturing processes as well as thanks to experienced staff, their products represent high quality which is their top priority in all their undertakings. Striving to equal market leaders, they have manufactured, among others, Majonez Rzymski which is their main product recognised not only in Poland but also abroad. Fruktus cooperates with large nationwide networks: Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja S.A. (Biedronka), Netto Sp. z o.o., Lidl, Tesco and Plus Discount providing the so called private labels. The biggest receivers of their products in Poland are such wholesalers as: P.P.H. „Aga Kolbuszowa, „Mar-Ol Poznań, „Bać-Pol Rzeszów, „Eldorado Lublin, „Siko Mysłowice, „Dick 2000 Włocławek. Their brand is present in numerous countries, both in Europe and outside it, including Germany, France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, the USA and Canada. They own a perfectly developed transport fleet which facilitates swift and efficient delivery of their products to the Client. HACCP Certificate confirms the highest quality of their products. Fruktus is greatly esteemed in the market, which can be evidenced by numerous awards and mentions that the company has received so far including Highest Quality Certificate , Business Gazelle, Fair Play Enterprise 2000, the Best Exporter of Częstochowa Voivodship 1997.