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    They are pleased to welcome you to their web site, where you can begin to get acquainted with their products, and their company. They have been importing food for the Foodservice Industry since 1980. They have dedicated their resources towards world wide sourcing in a rapidly changing world. Their commitment to their customers is as strong as ever, import quality foods, at competitive prices, and have them in stock for immediate shipment to their accounts around the 50 United States, and surrounding islands. They take food safety seriously, and purchase only from factories that comply not only with FDA standards, but their own high standards. They conduct random tests with USA laboratories to be sure quality standards are met consistently. They also work in a voluntary security program with US Customs and Border Patrol to assure their compliance and cooperation with their federal authorities. Their assortment of food products range from commodities such as Tuna Fish, Pineapple, and Mushrooms, to specialty products such as Olive Oil, Anchovies, Kalamata Olives, and Specialty Rices. They stock nearly 200 products, and have pack sizes most commonly used by Foodservice operators, and industrial users. Their support staff, and technology ability, together with their company owned warehouse in NJ, give us the unique ability to service their customers specific requirements, with the speed todays business world demands.