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Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

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From $40.55 per case

Frozen Pizza Doughs

Frozen Pizza Doughs

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Frozen Quesadillas

Frozen Quesadillas

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Frozen Stefano Calzones

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Frozen Stefano Mini Rip N Dip

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Frozen Stefano Panini

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Frozen Stefano Stuffed Breads, Stromboli

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From $30.15 per case

Born in 1896 in Vallelunga Sicily, Italy, Grandfather Stefano Grizaffi and Grandmother Lucia DiMaggio Grizaffi worked hard preparing good-tasting, Italian recipes for me and my siblings. As a child that immigrated from Sicily to America in the early 1960s, I longed for my grandparents Old World Italian cooking. Prior to landing on U.S. soil, I vowed to learn my Grandparents delectable family secret Italian recipes that have been so popular in my own family throughout the years. So, in the summer of 1976 I decided to open my first store, Stefanos delicatessen and pizzeria in New York. The menu included all of my familys favorite recipes from Italy. Customers came from New Jersey and from all areas of New York to eat their pizzas, calzones, strombolis and stuffed breads. They fed families, singles, children, workers, parties, weddings, you name it… they fed them. As their family business grew rapidly with each year, they recognized others also enjoyed the same recipes I grew up with in Sicily. It was time to offer my grandparents Italian cooking to others on a broader scale for many to enjoy, but keeping the same homemade Italian Old World delectable taste. In 1979 my family and myself started manufacturing Stefanos products for the Northeastern and Southeastern U.S. market from a small manufacturing facility in Long Island. Each morning the family watched over the preparation of each of their products to insure these family traditions and offer you the finest products available. It was critical that as they continued to grow as a company that they maintain their family traditions of: authentic quality, delicious family recipes, handstretched dough, stuffed with 100% real cheeses with the freshest meats and vegetables, and attention to producing the best homemade Italian Old World tasting product for their customers. Today, Stefanos serves most of your U.S. cities. Their manufacturing facilities and headquarters have moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte, being an international hub and banking center, will help us continue to grow into new markets and continue offering the Stefanos Italian Old World quality products to others. This same perfection is duplicated and brought to America, made in their kitchen and served in yours. Now, almost four decades later, I continue to bring them to your family, from mine. Stefano Foods is an independent operating company of Smithfield.