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Frozen Zalvina Tortellini Pasta

Frozen Zalvina Tortellini Pasta

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Golden Frozen Zalvina Pesto

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The Italians are best known for their exquisite art, fruitful wines and of course, Pasta. They have skillfully produced perfect pasta for ages and now only one name can bring you the real thing – Zalvina. Delicious pasta with authentic Italian quality and taste, Zalvina not only offers you a wide array of top of the line gourmet and traditional ravioli, tortellini and sauces, but you can save time and money. Never before have you been able to offer your customers the quality and taste of the pasta and sauces found in the back room Italian kitchens where generations of mothers and grandmothers carefully prepared, rolled, kneaded and cut each piece of pasta from scratch. Each piece was handled with tender loving care, Zalvina does just that for you. They use only the finest, freshest ingredients including semolina flour and whole eggs to create a product that arrives ready to cook and enjoy. A product that says to your customers This was made special for me. With so many delightful varieties to choose from like their succulent Lobster Ravioli for the seafood lovers, or their mouthwatering Butternut Squash Ravioli which literally melts in your mouth! And then they have their traditional basil and tomato pestos and Alfredo sauces. Whether your taste runs to the Gourmet or simply great Italian Pasta, Zalvina has something for everyone. Zalvina products are so simple to prepare, just add your personal touch and watch your customers enjoy a delightful dining experience!