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    Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem grew up together in Oslo Norway. As one might expect, they took different paths after high school. Always ones to recognize trends, Ole and Christopher would lament the fact that there did not seem to be any water out there comparable to Norwegian water. Also, judging from the fact that every time Ole picked Christopher up at the airport in Oslo, the first thing Christopher would demand was Norwegian water – they knew something needed to be done. They spent the next 2 years traveling the world, researching their potential markets. Their progress was encouraging-constantly setting new milestones and achieving them. Through researching various spring and artesian sources throughout Norway, they found one with a unique quality profile that met the high standards they desired. They secured this artesian source in the middle of their beloved wilderness in Southern Norway. Next came the bottle. After playing a visit to several creative agencies in Norway, it became very clear that their vision was not shared by all. However, a few souls in Oslo believed in their idea, supported their attention to quality and design differentiation, and led them in the right direction-to New York City to find their creative partner. However, after knocking on the doors of all of the best agencies in Manhattan, they saw no other solution than to again go back home and reconsider their project. Giving up was not in their cards, and each set-back only served to fuel their determination. Soon after, they received a message from Neil Kraft, a former creative director to Calvin Klein and then partner at Frierson, Mee + Kraft-one of the agencies they had left a few days earlier without the response they were looking for. Neil and his team presented Ole and Christopher with hundreds of proposed bottle sketches, and after months of brainstorming, the VOSS bottle was conceived. They utilized their depth of their experience from the cosmetic industry in understanding how to create a brand personality that differentiates itself through the entire experience, reflecting the true essence of the brand. They dare to say that the success of VOSS comes from the clear vision of two young Norwegians to build a brand based on quality and design, strong distribution, word of mouth and incredible water.