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    Back in 1988, when Boscos Carry-out Pizzeria first opened its doors, no one had any idea that the little corner pizzeria would, 20 years later, be a national phenomenon. Today, they produce and distribute millions of Bosco Sticks and Bosco Pizza throughout the United States every week. How did they come so far? Three words: Innovation, Quality and Pride. Innovation - Carry-out pizzerias? Theres one on every corner. So what set us apart? A great idea and some hard work. Back in 1988, frozen pizza was hard to distinguish from the cardboard it was packaged on, both in texture and in flavor. When local high schools learned that they could deliver frozen pizza – real pizzeria-style pizza – they jumped at the chance to serve them. Real pizzas, frozen. Not frozen cardboard masquerading as pizza. In 1995, Bosco launched the first commercially-made frozen stuffed crust pizza. But things really got exciting the day the crust came off a slice of stuffed crust pizza and they realized, These would make great breadsticks! And so the Bosco stick was invented. Since that fateful day, there has been no looking back. They now offer pepperoni Bosco Sticks, jalapeño Bosco Sticks, and a variety of pizza styles to their customers, but the original Bosco Stick is their best seller. Quality - What makes their products so good? Do they have a secret ingredient? Well, yes they do. But they will tell you the secret. Its time. Time and attention. Other frozen breadsticks and frozen pizzas have never been able to match their quality because they take the time to treat their dough the way it should be treated. They make all of their dough from scratch the way bakeries do, so Bosco Sticks and Bosco Pizza crusts taste like real bread. Other companies try to imitate us, but take short cuts to save time and money. The short cuts may make for a faster process, but their products will never match their quality. Pride - They started out with the help of family and friends, personally delivering frozen pizzas to nearby customers. Today, they are still all family and friends – now there are just a lot more of us! When you taste their products, they think you will agree that their pride shows.