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    B.C. Bundt, Inc. began production in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. The initial concept was to specialize in the baking of bundt cakes, creating the name B.C.Bundt. Bundt cakes are round cakes with a hole in the middle, frequently referred to as ring cakes. The bundt cake program has expanded into several size and weight categories. The flavors vary along with the formula, icing, filling, and packaging. All their products are packaged in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers. Special bundt cakes are available: Dulce De Leche for the Hispanic shopper, sugar free cake for the diabetic consumer, and a French label for the Canadian buyer. The company has grown through the years, and to meet increasing demands has expanded to include facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Salt Lake City, Utah, with the corporate office in Tampa, Florida. They are expanding their Birmingham facility, which should be up and running in 2007.The growth included increased bundt cake sales, along with product line expansion to sliced bar cakes, loaf cakes, parfaits, and branded products. The branded products include a line of Jelly Belly™™ and 7-UP™ cakes. B.C. Bundt strives to be the innovators and market makers in their product lines. They service in store bakeries, food service, commercial bakeries, club warehouses, and convenient stores. They market under the B.C. Bundt label, Walk-away parfait label, and many private labels. They have three in-house customer service representatives and four regional sales managers (central, northeastern, southeastern, and western) with more than a total of 100 years experience in the bakery market. The sales managers make direct calls on major accounts and manage more than 35 food brokers in North America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands.