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    Now you have a choice when you want to serve peanut butter on a sandwich or in a recipe. You can choose SunButter® made from sunflower seed. Kids love the taste and you do not have to worry about adverse peanut reactions. SunGold Foods is a subsidiary of Red River Commodities, a processor of sunflower seed for the snack and bakery industries for more than twenty years. SunGold Foods was formed to exclusively process and market SunButter®. Both processing plants in Fargo, North Dakota are peanut-free plants and incoming and outgoing products are tested on a regular basis. Plus, kids love SunGold SunButter®! In a recent study of daycare children, about 25% strongly preferred SunButter® to peanut butter. Nearly 70% of the children gave SunButter® a very positive rating. The new SunGold SunButter® solves your peanut butter allergy worry. Because SunButter® is made from sunflower seed in a peanut-free facility, the risk associated with serving peanuts to a peanut-sensitive person is greatly reduced. Serving peanut butter to children below the age of three is not recommended by many physicians. However, since SunButter® is not a top eight allergen, it can be served to youngsters without the concerns associated with peanut butter. In addition, SunGold SunButter® is so versatile, it can be used in recipes that call for peanut butter. It has been tested successfully in cookies, dessert bars, frostings and even meat sauces. You will probably discover many more! SunButter® is the safe answer whether you are serving sandwiches or producing a product that uses peanut butter as an ingredient.