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Face Care Towelettes

Face Care Towelettes

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Natracare Natural Pads

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Natural Baby Wipes

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Natural Panty Liners

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Night Pads

Night Pads

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Organic Cotton Wipes for Women

Organic Cotton Wipes for Women

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Organic Non Applicator Tampons

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Regular Natural Pads

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Ultra Pads

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The national network television program, World in Action, screened on TV in Britain in 1989, drew attention to the effect of Dioxin pollution, its major source of production, and the part it played in sanitary protection manufacture. This so appalled some women, that they chose to boycott chlorine bleached sanitary pads and tampons and to demand change. Their response was to develop the Natracare natural pads and certified organic 100% cotton tampons which today are available worldwide, offering women a quality, natural choice. Natracare pads are made from totally chlorine-free, natural cellulose materials derived from ecologically - managed forests and are over 95% biodegradable and compostable. Natracare is first to use the new biodegradable Bioplastics that are made from starch and hypoallergenic natural and effective sugar-based absorbents, to replace commonly used, petroleum-derived synthetic materials. Natracare dares to be different, using natural materials that will compost and biodegrade instead of lingering in the environment for years on end. Because of their demanding environmental criteria and health concerns, Natracare is recognised as an ethical brand. In order to advance a well-balanced view of all the pieces to the puzzle concerning menstrual health, they pride their selves on embracing independent research so that women are afforded the opportunity to make informed choices about sanitary protection and personal toiletries.