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    In the 1920`s John A. Sokol introduced the Solo line of food products, which consisted mostly of cake and pastry fillings made from prunes and European-imported poppy seeds. The Solo name became an instant success. Later the company expanded into dehydrated foods, imported spices and other Solo dessert fillings. In the 1950`s the company added its distinctive musical note to Solo`s logo. In 1937 the Czechoslovakian Republic awarded Sokol its highest decoration, the Order of the White Lion, for his lifelong commitment to promoting trade with Czechoslovakia. During World War II his company sent relief packages to Europe that included cocoa, coffee and tea. After Sokol`s death in 1943, his son-in-law, John F. Novak, took over the company. Teresa Sokol Novak, the founder`s daughter, assumed the presidency in 1952. She served in that capacity until her son, John (Jack) Sokol Novak, Sr. joined the company in 1957. Sokol`s granddaughter, Mary Ann Sadilek, is the corporation`s secretary-treasurer. Today, the fourth generation carries on the family tradition. The current president of Sokol and Company is the founder`s great-grandson, John Sokol Novak, Jr. `Whether people are in our family or not,` he says, `they feel like they`re part of a company that has family values.`