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Bakery Window Boxes

Bakery Window Boxes

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Honeymoon Snobrite Corrugated Pads and Circles

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Honeymoon Paper Products, Inc was established in 1960 to manufacture paper straws. The name Honeymoon was intended to parallel that of another producer of straws commonly found in ice cream parlors, Sweetheart Straws. As paper straws were replaced by plastic straws, Honeymoon began to expand its product offerings to its current full line of corrugated and folding carton food service packaging solutions. Throughout its growth, Honeymoon Paper has kept the baker in mind, enabling us to anticipate the bakers needs and address the bakers concerns with innovative new product lines. In 1991, for instance, they introduced a new line of coated grease resistant products called Bakers White to address environmental issues and provide a cost effective alternative to wax coated products. Not only is Bakers White is recyclable and cost effective, it also provides better grease resistance than wax. This is just one of the many versatile coatings they offer and just one example of how Honeymoon has lead the way forward since its inception. You will find many more illustrations of their experience as you peruse this site but one of the most exciting advances is currently underway. Their thermoformed and bake-in trays are the latest and greatest in food packaging because their multi-functional nature saves you the cost of having more than one container for the life of your product.