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Panko Breading

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Breaders and Batters

Breaders and Batters

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Bulk Bread Crumbs

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Frozen Bars and Brownie

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Frozen Sugar Cookies

Frozen Sugar Cookies

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Upper Crust Tempura Batter Mix

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Their legacy of Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc. and Gary Kawaguchi began with Fishking Processors, Inc, better known as Mrs. Fridays. Mrs. Fridays began 50 years ago in Los Angeles by Masashi Kawaguchi, Garys father. Mrs. Fridays became renowned for its innovative quality breaded seafood. To maintain the companys high level of quality and differentiation in the 60s, the Kawaguchi family introduced to the U.S. Panko - Japanese Breadcrumbs. Originally the Panko was imported however, in the early 80s the family decided to build a facility and manufacture their own Japanese Panko Breadcrumb. It was the first Panko manufacturer in the U.S. As the family business continued to expand, Gary Kawaguchi always followed his fathers vision. Through the Companys acquisition in the mid 90s Gary remained on the Management team committed to the success of Mrs. Fridays while managing the Panko business. In 2006, when the breaded seafood operation moved out of California, Gary purchased the Panko operation now known as Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc. to continue his familys life-long dream of satisfying customers by providing innovative Japanese quality Panko Breadcrumbs. The manufacturing plant remains where it was originally built. The operation has continuously been modernized to keep pace with the growing needs of their customers. The offices were refurbished to accommodate the administrative team. Most of their working team were previously employed by Mrs. Fridays they have years of experience within the operation, they are familiar with the quality of the product and the demands of their customers. Their teams history enables us to understand your needs. Today, their Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs are sold throughout the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Belize, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Guam and Saipan. They supply various restaurant chains in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. They added Tempura Batter mix to their product line late this summer and already have customers locally and in Mexico. They joined the Health wagon and formulated their product to abide by Zero Trans Fat labeling laws..