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    Fishery Products International (FPI) is the leading provider of quality seafood in the foodservice market, offering an exceptionally broad portfolio of on-trend and in-demand seafood solutions to Americas largest restaurant chains, national distributors, and regional specialists. Their network of global suppliers allows us to provide their customers with the most extensive variety of finfish and shellfish, both in commodity products as well as value-added. Their investments in culinary expertise, processing technology, quality assurance and seafood market insights help us develop award-winning new products and partner with their customers to deliver seafood solutions with a reliability and consistency that is unmatched in the seafood industry. As an industry leader for over fifty years, their on-going mission is to deliver exceptional value for their customers with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and partnering for success. FPI markets a variety of the worlds favorite seafood brands, including FPI®, UpperCrust®, Pan-Sear Selects®, and Mirabel®.