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    Family-owned Blount Seafood Corporation has been a recognized leader in shellfish processing and marketing for more than 50 years. Known for its commitment to superior quality in the production of value-added fresh and frozen shellfish products, Blount has been a supplier of choice for some of Americas best-known foodservice distributors, soup manufacturers and restaurateurs. The Blount familys involvement in the shellfish industry began in the 1880s, with Eddie B. Blounts entry into the oyster business in one of the many oyster houses in West Barrington which handled the cleaning and shucking of clams and oysters from Rhode Islands famous Narragansett Bay. In 1938, the Blounts then-thriving oyster business was among the casualties of the massive hurricane that devastated the entire oyster industry in the Narragansett Bay area. As an emerging member of a resourceful family, F. Nelson Blount, Eddie Blounts grandson, lead in focusing the familys entrepreneurial energies to pioneering the use of the bay quahog as a valuable seafood-based resource of protein during World War II, in addition to developing a large market for the bay quahog. After the war, the company relocated near its current site on the eastern shore of the Warren River after consolidating a number of smaller shellfish operations, and in 1946, incorporated under the name Blount Seafood Corporation with F. Nelson Blount firmly at the helm.