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    Rodelle Vanilla has been in production for over 70 years, first produced in Denver, Colorado by the Rodelle family who moved from the South of France in the 1930s. A family of avid bakers, the Rodelle family brought with them their passion for baking, but quickly realized the market lacked a high-quality pure vanilla extract for their fine recipes. In 1936, the family founded Rodelle Laboratories and revolutionized the standard for gourmet vanilla extracts by using the most advanced extraction process and importing premium vanilla beans from top growing regions around the world. Today, Rodelle continues to provide home bakers and culinary professionals with access to the finest vanilla on the market. In 1984, Custom Blending, Inc. acquired Rodelle Laboratories where a relentless commitment to high quality continues. In recent years, Custom Blending has expanded the Rodelle line to include a complete line of superior vanilla products, including Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract, Rodelle Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Rodelle Vanilla Paste, Rodelle Vanilla Flavor - Alcohol Free, Rodelle Gourmet Vanilla Extract and Rodelle Organic Vanilla Extract.