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    On a picturesque cove in Downeast Maine, Looks Gourmet Food Company combines old-fashioned, American charm and practicality, enjoying a pastoral niche away from the big citys frenzied pace. Back in 1917, Willard M. Look founded the original East Machias Canning Company on a wharf at the head of Holmes Bay. Willard is credited with developing the first, successful process for handling and canning crab meat and lobster, a process that they still use today. In April of 2003, the operation passed from the last of Willard Looks sons to a new owner and for the first time since 1917, Looks is being operated by someone outside the Look family. Look family members still work in the production facility, and some of their employees have worked here for more than thirty years. Though the business has expanded and changed over the past 85 years, the Downeast Maine pride still runs as deep as the cold Atlantic waters, and their products reflect traditional New England cuisine. Their specialty seafood and other fine foods will continue to be made in small batches and packed by hand as they believe this insures the highest quality.