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    The candies were first introduced in the United States in 1919 by the J. N. Collins Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Walnettos were a big hit from the very beginning! They became one of the top candies purchased at movie theaters throughout the United States. People from that era associated the rich, distinctive, walnut carmel taste of Walnettos with classic movies such as Our Gang Comedies and the Saturday Matinee Serials featuring Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges. Walnettos was one of the top ten best selling candies in the United States through World War II. After which, the company was bought by Peter Paul Inc., the makers of Mounds (trademark) and Almond Joy (trademark). During this time, Walnettos was featured regularly on the hit, comedy program, Laugh-In. Arte Johnsons character used Walnettos to try to pick up Ruth Buzzis character on the park bench with the line, Want a Walnetto?. This further increased the fame and success of an already popular item. In the 1960s Walnettos was purchased by Cadbury USA. Cadbury, a company dealing with primarily chocolate confections, retired the line in order to focus solely on their chocolate business. It remained dormant until 1984, when an experienced candy marketer and budding entrepreneur, Sandy Licht, decided to bring back this nostalgic favorite.