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    It was the late 1800s, in the coal region of Pennsylvania, a maker of hard and soft pretzels, Great-Great-Grandpa Spannuth, sent his two teen-age sons south, one to Philadelphia, one to Reading, to open two new bakeries of his delicious pretzels. The son in Reading, Paul E., prospered and continued to grow his business. Paul felt that his pretzels were so delicious and unusual that in 1921 he named his bakery Unique Pretzel Bakery. He flourished and handed the business over to his son, William Henry. In a small back alley off Penn Street, William Henry hand twisted every pretzel. It was the early 1950s, that a very unusual mistake was made which went on to become the most popular hard pretzel, the famous SPLITS pretzel. Grandpa William Henry passed on in 1953. His son William P. Spannuth moved the business to a larger three-car garage located in Laureldale. Eventually, the soft pretzels were discontinued in order to spend every possible minute making what customers were unable to get enough of, that delicious tasty crunchy pretzel called, SPLITS. In 1980, William moved the bakery again into a larger facility at 215 E. Bellevue Avenue, Reading, PA 19605. In 1981, the company incorporated. The Grand Opening was an incredible success. Since then, three additions have been added. Over the years, Unique has developed 16 different pretzel flavors. Today, they the 6th generation use the original recipe with only the finest ingredients. Their promise to you is To maintain for the future, the original quality along with the original recipe, so that each and every customer can continue to enjoy Unique Pretzels, as they have done in the past and continue to do today!