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    Sweet Shop USA was established in 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. Today, the company is located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. They are a family owned producer of hand-made chocolates. From their inception, their company has sought and continually trained individuals with experience in the art of hand crafting chocolates. They are dedicated in preserving the time consuming craft created locally by Martha Washington Chocolates some 75 years ago. Sweet Shop USA has received national recognition for creating over 100 varieties of handmade pieces including various Truffles, Famous BragsĀ®, Nuts and Chewies, and their signature Fudge LoveĀ®. Their success is credited to their emphasis on natural ingredients, including pure butter, fresh whipping cream, and the finest quality chocolate. Here at their factory the process of producing gourmet chocolate begins by blending the all-natural ingredients, then simmering the mixture in large kosher copper kettles. A machines work can never match the product of one of their hand-making experts. Their chocolatiers demonstrate intricate care and attention to detail to make their exceptional gourmet chocolate. They invest in people, not machines, who take pride in their craft. This is their American tradition. Handmade fresh, one piece at a time! They distribute their hand made chocolate to the finest stores in the United States including Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Lord and Taylor, Hallmark, Hallmark Flowers, Central Market, Whole Foods and various Federated Stores. Their core customer base is comprised of small and mid-sized gourmet, gift, coffee, floral and specialty food retailers. They maintain contact with approximately 8,000 retailers currently. If you are interested in carrying their products in your store call 800-222-2269 and a customer care person can help you create your wholesale account.