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    Supreme Chocolatier has been in business since 1911. Started by my grandfather, Emmanuel Katsoris when he arrived here from his home country of Greece, by making candy on his marble slab table in a small retail store kitchen. From that humble beginning, my family owned and operated business has expanded during the past 95 years to bring you a full range of fine enrobed and molded chocolate products, manufactured under the Blums of San Francisco, House of Bauer, and Superior Confections brand names. Blums is their premium box chocolate line established in 1890. These assortments contain all your old time favorite pieces with lots of whole nuts and fresh ingredients. If you crave an old fashioned box of chocolates, with plenty of variety, and you are tired of getting mostly bland, tasteless cream centers, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of Blums Premium Chocolate Assortments. House of Bauer products really focus in on their Bavarian Mint, and their Bavarian Meltaway products. These products contain a rich, smooth creamy center, in a variety of flavors, including mint, double chocolate, hazelnut and more to be announced. Surrounded by velvety milk or rich dark chocolates, they are called Meltaways due to the soft, subtle texture of these delectable centers that seems to just Meltaway as they are enjoyed.