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    VINTAGE /vintij/ adj. of a good period, choice, representative of the best. Vintage is the appropriate, if not the best, way to describe their family of products from Salem Baking. They began as a retail bakery in Winston-Salem, NC operating continuously since 1930 as Deweys Bakery. In 1992, they created Salem Baking Company to focus on traditional baked products for national distribution. They named their new company after the Moravian settlement of Salem located in their community, which was established in 1766, and was the source of the recipe for their first product- Moravian Cookies. They have since introduced an array of new products, each with a story that spans generations and cultures. They are faithful to the origins of these time honored classics. They bake in the homemade tradition and use the finest, all natural ingredients. Because these products have withstood the test of time, they have become a part of their lives and the lives of many generations. They have a familiarity that transcends taste and time. They are tastes so vivid and distinctive, they have an almost metaphysical power to bring you fully into the present moment or transport you back in time to a warm and happy memory. They are proud to present a gallery of products that range from their vintage recipe Moravian Cookies (in packaging inspired by elements of its original design), to several new products, all with vintage recipes, baked in the homemade tradition using the finest all natural ingredients from around the world.