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    Had Daniel Peters career as a candle-maker not been sidetracked by the advent of the oil lamp in the 1860s, today they might well live in a world without milk chocolate. The process of searching for a better use of his candle factory, Peter fell under the spell of a chocolatiers daughter in his hometown of Vevey, Switzerland, and soon after, the Peters™ Chocolate brand was born. Of course then, as now, chocolate was a competitive trade, and Peter quickly realized he had needed to differentiate his product. In 1867 Peter first attempted to blend milk into chocolate, but it was not until several years later that he perfected the process of dehydrating the milk to prevent spoilage. This breakthrough was achieved with the help of Daniel Peters neighbor, Henri Nestlé, who, as Peters partner, would eventually attain some recognition of his own in the chocolate industry. As Peter refined his recipe over the next decade, his milk chocolate became an international sensation, showered with medals at expositions, and embraced by the chocolate-loving public. Having conquered Europe, Peters Chocolate was ready to invade the new world. In 1901, a representative of Lamont, Corliss and Company became the companys first stateside sales representative. By 1908, a Peters manufacturing facility was opened in Fulton, New York. Some years later, Lamont, Corliss and Company purchased the company, which would become Nestles Chocolate Company in 1951, proving how very small the world of chocolate truly is. In 2002 the Peters brand was purchased by Cargill, Incorporated, which continues the tradition of producing milk chocolate from whole milk crumb in accordance with Daniel Peters original method. Today the Peters Chocolate line encompasses a wide variety of high quality chocolates and related products, including: Milk, Semi-sweet, Bittersweet, White, Unsweetened Chocolates (Liquors), Breakups, Icecap Coatings, Peters Firstcoat, Peters Chips, Peanut Icecap Coating, Premium Ice Cream Coatings, Peters Bulk and Liquid Caramel, Drinking Chocolate and Sugar Free Coatings in Milk, Dark, and White. These products are used by confectioners, chocolatiers, bakers, chefs and ice cream manufacturers in 50 states and Canada.