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    They left corporate life and NYC in 1993 to fulfill their dream of owning their own company. Pasta was their passion, and they thought they could make pasta unique and higher quality than the mass producers. They settled in Nashville, TN and began a great adventure. Music City Pasta (boot and guitar shaped pasta) was their first product and inspired us to create more fun shapes for holidays, themes, and other occasions. Today, they offer the worlds largest selection of fun pasta shapes and create custom logos and shapes for other companies to use as promotional items. Noodles, who knew?! Over the years, their product line has grown to include Fun Meals Fast – easy pasta salads and meals ready in 15 minutes. In 1998 their bakery opened and they have been busy creating Designer Sugar Cookies and other delectable goodies ever since. Their most recent product launch was Divine Meringues – light, airy, melt in your mouth cookies. Only 7 calories each and low fat, the incredible flavors and texture satisfy your sweet craving without lea