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    Kidsmania Inc., founded in 1998, may seem like a new kid on the block. However, its vast offering of creative as well as colorful candy-toy products and its ability to maintain a high standard of quality-consistency across a large product line more than indicates that Kidsmania is not just a kid in this industry after all. The kid does have more than thirty years of commercial experience in toy design and manufacturing. Ever since its startup in the 1960s, Kidsmania has been designing, creating, manufacturing and exporting plastic toys globally. Responding to market surveys, the seasoned toy-maker decided to create a new product line and started offering candy containers, dispensers and other candy novelty items to customers in 1996. Today, this toy-maker has successfully made itself a major candy-toy supplier to many candy importers in Asia, Europe, and the U. S. alike. Kidsmania Inc. now offers and delivers one of the largest lines of candy-toy products on the market. Armed with invaluable experience in toy design and manufacturing, Kidsmania carries some of the most innovative ideas in the interactive candy category today. Its product line includes candy and gumball dispensers in forms of old-fashioned gas pumps, basketball shooting games, slot machines, vending machines, aliens, animals, picture frames, spin-tops, automobiles, and many more fresh designs made for candies of various shapes and sizes. In fact, Kidsmania has developed over 100 different items for its candy-toy line.