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    Kennys Candy Company is a privately held corporation founded by Ken Nelson in 1987. Kennys Candy Company initially began as a supplier of Red Twists, Black Twists, Chocolate Twists, Red Bites and Black Bites to Bulk, Rebag and Private Label customers across the U.S. In 1996, Ken Nelson felt they needed to expand their business beyond the Red, Black and Chocolate flavors that serviced only Bulk, Rebag and Private Label customers. Ken wanted to take greater control of their future. It was at this time that their Juicy Twist brand was created. Juicy Twist is a premium product line Made With Real Fruit Juice. Currently, they offer 14 Juicy Twist flavors as everyday items. All their Juicy Twist flavors are either FAT FREE or LOW FAT. In 2007, Kennys Candy Company introduced four (4) flavors of Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Soft Gourmet Liquorice to its line up of products. Since the initial introduction, Juicy Twist has grown tremendously. Today, approximately 60% of their business is in their Juicy Twist brand with the remaining business being divided between Rebag and Private Label customers.