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    Kandy Kastle, Inc., winner of some of the industrys highest awards for products and quality since 2005, is dedicated to making the best tasting and fun loving, interactive candy products in the world. Their licensing partners, on some of these products, are Sanrio with Hello Kitty and NASCAR. Located in San Diego, CA they are vertically integrated with capabilities to create, design, engineer, manufacture, distribute and market their own candy and toys to all classes of trade. Their group of companies currently employs over 860 people in 11 locations worldwide. Their wholly owned factories are located in China (Shanghai and Shenzhen) enabling us to obtain competitive pricing while maintaining highest of quality standards. Quality is their number one priority and they are proud to have earned the ISO-9001, ISO-14000, HACCP, and BRC certifications. Their laboratories are constantly creating new tastes and flavors to fit todays changing markets allowing us to offer their customers the widest range of new products found anywhere in the world. Some include deposited hard boiled candy, many types of gummies, variable powdered candies, marshmallow pops, compressed dextrose, pressed candies, dark and milk chocolates and hollow chocolates.