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    Conifer has been celebrating the agricultural richness of the Pacific Northwest for 30 years through its wide array of specialty foods. Founded in 1977, Conifer began with the Fisher Brand (now Famous Fair Scones) and has been expanding ever since with the acquisition of Canterbury Cuisine and Seattle Scone Girl, and the recent launch of its Canterbury Naturals line. In the past six years Conifer has experienced tremendous and steady growth, at a rate of 113 percent each year. During that time the company has grown from four SKUs to 78, with another 117 private label SKUs. Its private label business accounts for 40 percent of its total sales. This success has taken the company from three employees in 1998 to 60 full-time employees now, with an additional 350 seasonal workers brought in each year. A privately owned company, Conifer is committed to quality of life for its customers and employees and has a 95 percent employee retention rate. Rooted in the Northwest, Conifer produces and markets a diverse range of premium products from its headquarters and 50,000 square foot production facility in Woodinville, WA. From its own contracted raspberry fields in Oregon to the abundant crops of apples, hazelnuts, asparagus, onions and other Pacific Northwest harvests, Conifer uses the highest quality ingredients in its products to create wholesome and flavorful foods. The Conifer family of brands features innovative recipes for todays busy, demanding consumer. Each of Conifers branded lines-Famous Fair Scones, Canterbury Cuisine, Canterbury Naturals and Seattle Scone Girl-has its own unique story and rich heritage.