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    They are very pleased to present Cherchies Specialty Foods newest line of richly formulated, delicious and unique gourmet foods. Since their founding in 1978, their company has had a reputation for innovation, excellence in quality, and personal touch customer service that is unsurpassed in the specialty food industry. You are the reason why Cherchies Specialty Foods has been a resounding success in the gourmet food business for nearly 30 years. They appreciate all of your suggestions and feedback. On their website you will find their complete line of gourmet products as well as many gift assortments that are not available at retail stores. Cherchies will also customize gifts for you as well as for their corporate customers. Their customer service department is available to address all of your needs on a one-to-one basis. Cherchies provides their online store for those who do not live in the vicinity of stores that carry their products and for those who prefer to order online or by telephone. Every Cherchies employee is committed to making you a satisfied customer.