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Bulk Mint Candy

6 Atkinson item(s) within Bulk Mint Candy

From $58.05 per case

Atkinson Wrapped Candy

55 Atkinson item(s) within Atkinson Wrapped Candy

From $18.05 per case

Button Candy

10 Atkinson item(s) within Button Candy

From $51.45 each

Chewy Candy

8 Atkinson item(s) within Chewy Candy

From $20.75 per case

Chocolate Candy

3 Atkinson item(s) within Chocolate Candy

From $52.55 per case

Hard Candy

Hard Candy

From $70.25 per case

Sour and Sugar Candies

Sour and Sugar Candies

From $15.95 per case

Sugar Free Candy

Sugar Free Candy

From $23.75 per case

Atkinson Candy Company has a family tradition of making candy since 1932. Located in Lufkin, Texas, the company is known worldwide for its fine quality candy, including some of the best peanut butter and peppermint candies available. Naturally, they are Texas proud, says President Eric Atkinson, but their candy is sold all over the world. Each piece bears their family name, so they take pride in its quality and never compromise when it comes to their products. Their candy is made using only the finest ingredients, and they work diligently to ensure it reaches you at the peak of perfection.