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    Licorice Sour Punch Candy

    Licorice Sour Punch Candy

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    Sour Punch Candy

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    An industry leader in the manufacturing of extruded candy products, the American Licorice Company is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the US candy industry. Since its establishment in 1914, American Licorice has brought happiness to consumers with their Red Vines®, Snaps®, Sour Punch® and Super Ropes® candy. American Licorice continually strives to be better tomorrow than today through their manufacturing facilities, associates and communities. This year, ALC is excited about the launch of the new Sour Punch packaging, state of the art website and the sponsorship of the AVP Croc Tour, a pro volleyball competition throughout the United States. Looking forward to 2008, American Licorice and Red Vines fans around the U.S. will join together to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Red Vines signature Original Red Twists.