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    Square Egg Noodles

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    Bechtle – almost 100 years of experience in `Spaetzle` production. The company was established in 1909 in Tuebingen. The company`s headquarters is situated in Southern Germany on the Swabian Alb – between the Black Forest, the city of Stuttgart and Lake Constance. This is the home of the traditional Swabian Spaetzle. Since the company was founded, it has been consistently committed to producing high quality regional food products. As a food manufacturer, we take responsiblility for delivering healthy products – our customers must be able to trust us. We uses only the best raw materials for Bechtle traditional egg pasta. Only very few manufacturers can compete with our huge assortment of tongue-twisting variety of shapes and sizes and the high quality standard. We are committed to the environment and to free-range animal farming. We supply sustainable produce, thereby ensuring that nature will be preserved for subsequent generations.