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    Casa Visco Pasta Sauce

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    Frozen Pizza

    Frozen Pizza

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    In 1948, Carmella and Joseph Viscusi, Sr. started Viscusi Wholesale Grocers, Inc., a small wholesale grocery business. The business specialized in selling Italian food products to restaurants and grocery stores. At the request of their customers, Carmella and Joseph, working out of the basement of their home, started to bottle and sell Carmellas famous homemade spaghetti sauce under the Casa Visco name. Since it is humble beginning, Casa Visco has grown substantially. Casa Visco now operates a state of the art automated facility. Their commitment to quality has not changed in 51 years and notably, a family member still oversees each batch of sauce that is manufactured. Casa Viscos emphasis on the use of quality ingredients and homemade goodness has led to a TOP 10 national ranking by the Center for Science and Public Industry - the entity known as the Food Police. Casa Visco sauces also have won numerous awards for Best of Show and Best Tasting at major industry trade shows.