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    Nueva Cocina Foods, Inc. was founded on a single precept and passion: to satisfy the growing demand for contemporary Latin cuisine. They established their company in 2003 as the Nuevo Latino food movement was emerging as the worlds hottest new food trend. They were the first to introduce a line of gourmet quality, all natural Latin foods for consumers to enjoy at home. Nueva Cocina has developed a broad offering of traditional and Nuevo Latino recipes with an emphasis on great taste, natural formulation and convenience. Their products were developed with the time pressed but sophisticated specialty food consumer in mind - they use only premium quality, natural ingredients and their products are ready in minutes. As Latin food continues to seduce taste buds everywhere, Nueva Cocina Foods will maintain their leadership position by anticipating and delivering the taste sensations and dining experiences sophisticated palates hunger for. Nueva Cocina is based in Miami, Florida where culinary influences from all of Latin America thrive.