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    Here at LesserEvil, they are all about the snacks. They love to eat them. Love to share them. Love to think up wild new snacks. Simply put, they just love snacks. When they started the company in 2004, they were all about the snacks then too. Unfortunately, they would head to the store to pick some up and have a huge predicament: pick up some healthy, yet bland snacks – or – delicious, mouth-watering but REALLY unhealthy snacks. Where were the great taste and better nutritionals? Where was the LesserEvil? This was the start, or really, the inspiration for their company. So that spring they started popping corn and cooking up a homemade kettle corn recipe without all the junk – so no trans-fats, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, high fats or out-of-control calories. 2005 was a big year for us as their first official year of actually selling their snacks. They went into the year with a ton of excitement. And while there were plenty of hurdles, novice mistakes and closed doors, they actually started to get the attention of the snacking public. Along with their original two flavors (ClassicKettle and Black&White), they introduced some other dandies like MaplePecan and PeanutButter & Choco. They also established their Emergency Snacking Team in 05, sending them out on the street with the mission of preventing Snackcidents. While starting the year as a 3-person company, they finished as a company of seven.