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    Gourmet Condiment Sauce and Juice

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    Howards Pepper Relish

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    Pickled Carrot

    Pickled Carrot

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    Howard Foods was founded by John F. Howard in the early 1890s in Haverhill, MA. His first product was Salad Crème, not relish. Howards products include: Sweet Pepper relish, (which, according to Info Scan, is the number one selling Sweet Pepper Relish in the country), Hot Pepper Relish, Green Tomato Piccalilli, Ham Glaze Sugar Free Syrup Garlic and Onion Seasoning Juices (since the 1950s Howards has been the leader in manufacturing Garlic and Onion Juice) Chopped and Minced Garlic in various sizes. Last but not least, Howards newest product is Organic, Minced Garlic, certified organic by the USDA and the State of New Hampshire.