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    For nearly 100 years, Awrey has successfully blended the handmade quality and personalized service you have come to expect from your neighborhood baker, with the modern convenience and efficiency of a national foodservice bakery. Awrey Bakeries LLC is one of the largest, privately owned baked goods producers in the country, serving a variety of customers ranging from convenience stores to the U.S. Military. From wholesome breakfast treats to delectable snacks and desserts, they produce a wide assortment of product lines to meet the needs of our customers. A true one-stop shop. Our reputation for baking excellence began in the Detroit kitchen of Mrs. Fletcher Awrey, where she became famous for the delicious baked goods from her wood-fired oven. A few years later, Fletcher and Elizabeth Awrey opened a succession of neighborhood baked goods stores, supplied from the first volume-baking facility, with a Ford Model T truck. The three Awrey boys – Elton, Wilbur and Thomas – also became active in their parent’s business.