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    Arran and a business partner opened Canadas first large organic supermarket LifeStream®. Founded on the ideal of serving delicious, wholesome foods grown and processed in harmony with nature, the store soon expanded into milling, baking, making muesli, granolas, alfalfa sprouts, nut-butters, energy bars and wholesale distribution. One of LifeStream®s first products was a line of sprouted Essene Breads®, made according to a very ancient recipe from the Essene Gospel of Peace translated by Edmond Bordeaux-Szeckely. The companys first organic product? Stone-ground organic whole wheat flour, milled daily in a specially constructed room in the store visible to all passerbys at street-level. Within a few years, the LifeStream® line had grown to include a wide range of products, including both natural and organic whole grain foods and soy-based vegetarian entrees. The company even published its own vegetarian cookbook which sold over 125,000 copies! Annual sales at LifeStream® reached $9 million, making the line one of Canadas leading natural food brands at the time.