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For over 60 years Saunders has been universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of aluminum Form Holders and plastic and aluminum Clipboards. A natural extension of these two core lines is their newest product line, Portable Desktops. Their products are specifically designed and engineered for people who need to take their work with them and write away from their desk. Saunders has created lines for medical, emergency and police professionals, appraisers, factory floor personnel, delivery and service professionals, engineers, students and teachers, and many other niche groups. The CruiserMate™, Citation Holder™, RediRite™ and WorkMate™ are a few of their most popular products. Also known as The Clip Board People, Saunders has created lines of hardboard and plastic clipboards in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Custom services such as embossing and screen printing are also offered. As part of Saunders commitment to the consumers and the environment, they are making their aluminum products greener by using recycled aluminum with an antimicrobial additive. The recycled and antimicrobial features are designed not only to reduce the companys impact on the planet, but appeal to consumers and meet green purchasing guidelines at various institutions. Saunders has built its reputation by working with professionals in the first response, medical, government and education fields to develop solutions for the mobile work environment. Saunders will use a mix of post-consumer and post-industrial aluminum for a total of 96 percent recycled content in these products. In addition, future recycling of the Saunders products is possible.