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Ragold Inc., the independent U.S. affiliate of the German confectionery manufacturer RAGOLDS Suesswaren GmbH, has been successfully introducing and marketing confectionery products in the United States since 1976. Ragold Incs most prominent brands include Velamints sugar-free breath mints and Juicefuls hard candy filled with real fruit juice. Ragold Inc. began business in the United States with the launch of the Velamints brand in 1977, which essentially created the sugar-free breath mint category. When cases were flown to America, they were sold within hours of their arrival. People called this phenomenon the Vela Rush of the 70s and America fell in love with Velamints. In October 1988, Ragold Inc. introduced Juicefuls roll packs, a new fruit juice-based hard candy with a soft center in test markets. Following this test, Juicefuls 4 oz. pegboard bags were developed and launched in May 1990. The German parent, RAGOLDS Suesswaren GmbH + Co. of Karlsruhe, Germany was founded by Adolph Speck in 1887 as Erste Badische Dampf-Zuckerwaren und Drageefabrik. Karl Schindler took over management of the firm in 1924 and developed the concept of strong brands, introducing in 1928 the flagship Rachengold brand (throat gold), one of the leading cough drop products in Germany today. In 1952, Karl Schindlers son Joerg Schindler, well versed in production, operations and marketing took over management of the firm and streamlined its line of more than 100 products to focus on a core group of key cough drop and candy brands. In 2004, C. Hedenkamp GmbH assigned Ragold for all activities related to its OTC supplement product line in the U.S. In 2005, Ragold Inc. moved their headquarters from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2008, Ragold and Sweet Tec Germany along with Ignite Sales Management reaquired Velamints from Wrigley. Cramer-Krasselt has agreed to support future marketing and sales strategies.