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    Rice Pilaf

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    This statement exemplifies the long-held Moroccan tradition of exuding only the warmest and kindest hospitality to friends, family and even strangers. Traditional Moroccan meals are meant for sharing, like family-style couscous or risotto and serve as the centerpiece of lively, rambunctious dinners. Today, you can extend the same kind of hospitality to your friends and families, minus all the effort, with Marrakesh Express couscous and risotto. Its little surprise that the focus on hospitality is topped only by the attention paid to cuisine in Morocco. Food preparation is considered an art and traditionally a hostess spends enormous amounts of time and effort preparing intricate, extensive meals. The makers of Marrakesh Express products believe in bending the rules: their couscous and risottos can impress and surprise your dinner table guests with the exotic flavors and textures of Morocco, without all the labor.