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    Grandpa Nathan was the first of a long line of entrepreneurial Calhouns. He settled in the farming town of Monterey, Louisiana in 1846. Ever the visionary, he built the areas first grist mill to process his own bountiful harvest of corn, eliminating the need for dependence on out-of-town mills. Over a hundred years later, Grandson Nathan Patrick Calhoun conceived his own idea from Grandpa Nathan. He reasoned that Southern families used hundreds of pounds of cornmeal to bake and fry with each year. Why should they buy from far-away mills when a much better stone-ground product could be produced right on the farm? With an eye for the future and a remembrance of the past, Patrick began to formulate his familys favorite recipes using stone-ground cornmeal from the family farm. This led to a full line of dessert, cornbread and fry mixes. Today, Patrick and his brother, Jesse, ship their products nationwide.